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Advanced Optics - News Flash 03/2014

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N-FK58 XLD glass: SCHOTT Advanced Optics is proud to announce the release of a coinciding data sheet that provides greater clarity on the product’s capabilities

In May, SCHOTT Advanced Optics introduced something exciting to the market at Optatec 2014: N-FK58, our new extremely low dispersion (XLD) glass. Offering excellent processing properties and outstanding apochromatic correction capabilities when used with SCHOTT anomalous dispersion KZFS glasses, N-FK58 quickly drew significant interest from the crowd.

As a result, the SCHOTT team has worked swiftly to develop a comprehensive data sheet to inform both current and potential customers about the product’s capabilities.

Below, please find an overview on the key properties and configurations for

  • optical position (nd = 1.456000, vd = 90.9)
  • on-stock availability in steps 3, 2, and 1; evaluating potential of step 0.5 availability in the near future
  • SCHOTT Advanced Optics anticipates having round plates of the material available starting in August, which can be purchased from SCHOTT or from our partnering dealer, Hellma® Optics

We also updated the 'Interactive Abbe-Diagram' as well as the 'Optical Glass - Overviews' (Excel table and ZEMAX format) in order to reflect the most current data.

For further information about our new extremely low dispersion (XLD) glass, N-FK58, or to request a product sample, please contact your sales agent.

To download the N-FK58 data sheet, please click the following button:

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