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Optatec in Frankfurt: Advanced Optics presented new products in the areas of optical glass and expanded coating expertise

The Optatec in Frankfurt, which alternates every other year with the Laser World of Photonics in Munich, is Europe’s most important trade fair for Advanced Optics in the areas of optics, photonics and laser applications. The exhibition set a new record by attracting 570 exhibitors from 27 countries and more than 5,200 visitors. The SCHOTT event team had a lot of good meetings with customers from the trade, but also had the chance to mingle with interested parties and visitors while enjoying live music and finger-food at its booth party.

This year, SCHOTT’s participation in the exhibition centered on the topic of Tolerance Level 0.5 of optical glasses and preforms. In the new quality level of 0.5, the maximum deviation from the nominal values listed in the data sheet is only ± 0.0001 with the refractive index nand ± 0.1 % with the Abbe value νd. SCHOTT glasses thus offer the narrowest optical tolerances available on the market. This helps to improve the quality of high precision lenses for use in inspection systems in the industrial market or microscopy. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Jedamzik, Application Manager at SCHOTT Advanced Optics, additionally gave a technical presentation at the exhibitor forum at the show entitled “From the tightest tolerances to the highest homogeneity.”

Presentation of new products

On the three days of the exhibition held in Frankfurt that the international optics world traditionally meet on, the audience showed particular interest in one new product. The optical glass N-FK58 XLD features an extremely low dispersion (XLD = extremely low dispersion) and very good processing characteristics. It is used in the high-quality lenses of single lens reflex cameras in which apochromatic correction of chromatic aberration is indispensable. N-FK58 XLD offers high performance, especially in combination with anomalous dispersion glasses such as the short flint glasses from SCHOTT. The N-FK58 XLD data sheet was made available at the beginning of July 2014. N-FK58 XLD further strengthens SCHOTT’s portfolio of low dispersion glass types which already comprises of N-PK52A and N-FK51A. Overall, SCHOTT offers a wide variety of optical glasses with low dispersion of the refractive index level 0.5.

Advanced Optics also announced that it has extended its coating expertise quite significantly at its plant in Yverdon, Switzerland. As a result, SCHOTT will now be able to offer the complete spectrum of interference filters to meet customer specifications. The range includes everything from sophisticated fluorescence filters and Raman filters for medical diagnostics to filters for use in astronomy. The product range also includes coatings for high-performance high energy lasers.

Further information according to the expanded coating expertise can be found in our newsletter article "SCHOTT now offers an even broader range of filters after expanding its coating expertise".

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