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Optical Filter Glass

Please find below a list of related information:
BG3 BandpassDatasheet
BG7 BandpassDatasheet
BG18 BandpassDatasheet
BG25 BandpassDatasheet
BG38 BandpassDatasheet
BG39 BandpassDatasheet
BG40 BandpassDatasheet
BG42 BandpassDatasheet
BG50 BandpassDatasheet
BG55 BandpassDatasheet
BG60 BandpassDatasheet
BG61 BandpassDatasheet
BG62 BandpassDatasheet
BG63 BandpassDatasheet
BG64 BandpassDatasheet
BG67 BandpassDatasheet
VG9 BandpassDatasheet
RG9 LongpassDatasheet
KG1 ShortpassDatasheet
KG2 ShortpassDatasheet
KG3 ShortpassDatasheet
KG5 ShortpassDatasheet
VG20 BandpassDatasheet

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