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NIR Cutoff Filters / Blue Filter Glass

 1. Group - High humidity resistance 

BG60 - BG64, BG67
Designed to perform in difficult environments

SCHOTT’s new IR filter glasses, BG60 - BG64 and BG67, have been designed to perform in difficult environments. Equipped with a specified coating, these filters remain completely transparent for more than 1000 hours without any surface corrosion and deliver extraordinary image quality.

NIR cutoff filters at different thicknesses




BG63 BG64 BG67
Refractive index ne







Cutoff wavelength λ0.5 633 nm 648 nm 644 nm 614 nm 619 nm 641 nm
at thickness @ 0.3 mm @ 0.21 mm @ 1.5 mm @ 3 mm @ 0.145 mm

Advantages of BG6xHT variants

Advantages of BG60HT
Advantage of BG62HT

Increase in internal transmittance

  BG60 -> BG60HT
at thickness = 0.3 mm
BG62 -> BG62HT
at thickness = 0.21 mm
400 nm 1.6 % 2.0 %
450 nm 0.9 % 1.1 %
500 nm 0.4 % 0.6 %

 2. Group - High steepness of NIR cutoff 

BG18, BG38 - BG42, BG50, BG55, S8022, S8023, S8612
Designed to perform for high-precision optical applications

For decades, these glasses have been popular because of the excellent optical properties they provide. These optical properties include high transmission in addition to high blocking with a very narrow transition range. Furthermore, these glasses are ideal bandpass filters for visual areas when high absorption in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range is required. The slope of the IR edge is exceptional, and guarantees a sharp distinction between visible light and NIR radiation.
Comparison of NIR cutoff filters
  BG18 BG38 BG39 BG40 BG42 BG50 BG55 S8612 S8022 S8023
Cutoff wavelength λ0.5 595 nm 646 nm 603 nm 635 nm 595 nm 626 nm 596 nm 599 nm 553 nm 565 nm
at thickness @ 1 mm

The optical filter glass calculation program will allow you to obtain a quick assessment of the appropriate solutions to your individual filter problem. Please refer to the Knowledge Center.
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