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FOTURAN® II is available as:
Supply Form Sizes*
Round (wafer) 6"
12" (in preparation)
Square (substrate) 93 x 93 mm
130 x 130 mm
150 x 150 mm
175 x 175 mm
FOTURAN® II Sample Kit Incl. one 93 x 93 x 0.5 mm
and one 6" x 0.5 mm wafer
* Standard thicknesses for each format: 0.5/0.7/1.0 /1.3 mm
   Other formats and thicknesses available upon request
Typical post-processing tolerances**
Roughness of the inner surface of the etched
1–3 μm
Roughness of surface of the non-exposed area < 5 nm
Maximum hole density (holes / cm²) 10,000
Tolerance of hole distance (per 100 mm) < ± 0.3 %
(100 mm ± 300 μm)
** Values based on SCHOTT standard processing parameters. Above values
are an indication, not guaranteed limits and may also based on processing
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