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Ultra-Thin Glass


Based on our proprietary down-draw technology, we are supplying ultra-thin glass with tightest geometrical tolerances from a reliable mass production environment into various industries, including semiconductor, opto-electronic and consumer electronic applications, as well as automotive and biotech industry.

SCHOTT ultra-thin glass is available in different glass types with diverse chemical and physical properties in a thickness range of 25 - 210 μm.

AF 32® eco - best fit to silicon
D 263® T eco - the only chemically strengthenable ultra-thin glass

SCHOTT’s proprietary down-draw technology


Technology proven in mass production of millions of square meters of ultra-thin glass (25 - 210 µm) for biotech, cover & touch and sensor applications

Untouched surface

Versatile technology not only in thickness, but also with respect to a broad portfolio of glass compositions