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Our products combine functionality and aestetics in an impressive way

SCHOTT – a qualified partner

SCHOTT works closely with architects and designers to extend the boundaries of design and create new opportunities for buliding culture – in terms of design and space, indoors and outdoors, for solar power and fire protection, aesthetics and functionality – sustainable and custom-tailored.

That is what makes SCHOTT a qualified partner for architecture and design.

We offer various products in our interior portfolio, ranging from decorative glass to lightning products. Our exterior portfolio includes a wide range of glass products, ranging from purely aesthetics to functional glass. Our expertise is available to assist you in your search for unique products for exterior applications.

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Decorative Glass

Decorative glasses are becoming increasingly popular as design elements in architecture. Whether for interior use or for exterior facades, SCHOTT’s range of decorative glasses add distinction and individuality to your designs.

Anti-Reflective Glass

AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass, with residual reflection of <1%, is the material of choice for display windows and showrooms, museums and glass cabinets, VIP seating areas in stadiums and panorama restaurants, television and recording studios, façades and balustrades, lobbies and foyers.

Fire-Rated Glass

SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramic passes the hose stream test, is rated up to 180 minutes, and is as clear as normal window glass. SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramic is available as a monolithic glass or filmed or insulated for impact safety requirements.

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