HelioJet® White

Unmatched homogeneous illumination

HelioJet® White is functional LED cabin lighting which supplies excellent, white light. HelioJet® white uses – similar to the colored version HelioJet® SpectrumCC the unique HelioJet® technology which delivers homogeneous light distribution and constant light stability over time.

HelioJet® technology works with only two diodes which feed the light from both ends into an optical light converter. This technology offers important product characteristics:
  • HelioJet® eliminates color shifts from aging LEDs by transforming inhomogeneous light in the optical light converter into homogeneous light pattern.
  • The meantime between failure (MTBF) is calculated at > 50.000 OH, which reduces the maintenance efforts substantially.
  • HelioJet® is designed for use in new aircraft as well as for retrofit projects. The modular production concept provides a high compatibility with different aircraft and operating systems.