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Solar Thermal Cooling Plant with SCHOTT Receivers Refreshes MNT Headquarter in South Africa
State-of-the art solar receivers from the technology leader energize South Africa’s first concentrating solar thermal cooling system More


Mainz, July 22, 2014 – SCHOTT is this year’s winner of the 2014 INDUSTRIEPREIS (2014 German Industry Prize) in the category Energy & Environment. The international technology group was recognized for its high-performance receivers that are used in solar power plants. Thanks to their mature technology, SCHOTT receivers have a significant impact on the performance of these power plants and generate eco-friendly electricity for well over 20 years. In fact, they are even capable of supplying power to entire cities. The INDUSTRIEPREIS was awarded for the ninth time in mid-April to “outstanding industrial enterprises” by the “Initiative Mittelstand” and the German Huber Verlag für Neue Medien. More


Better receivers manufactured better: SCHOTT contributes to the competitiveness of CSP solar power
Best Production@SCHOTT Award presented to plant in Aznalcóllar, Spain
SCHOTT continually optimizes its manufacturing of receivers for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, and as a result contributed to the marketability of solar power to ensure that solar power plants will soon be able to compete with conventional forms of electricity in respect to cost. The company uses production principles from other fields such as the automotive industry and successfully employs these principles to manufacture solar receivers. More


SCHOTT Supplies Molten Salt Receivers
The Italian power company Enel will install molten salt receivers with technology from SCHOTT when modernizing certain parts of the world's largest molten salt solar power plant. The international technology group supplied around 450 so-called “High Temperature Molten Salt Receivers” for use in the Archimede solar power plant in Sicily this summer. With a capacity of approximately 5 MW, the Archimede project is currently the largest CSP plant that operates on the basis of molten salt technology. Moreover, ENEL and SCHOTT are working together on the EU project ARCHETYPE aimed at building a commercial 30 MW parabolic trough power plant that also employs molten salt technology. More


SCHOTT plans to grow through its core businesses in 2013
  • Strong market position in the areas of Pharmaceutical Systems, Home Tech, Electronic Packaging and Advanced Materials

  • Withdrawal from polycrystalline photovoltaics to leave no lasting adverse effects on the company

  • Investments in tangible fixed assets to increase to 150 million euros in 2012/2013