Armor Systems for Defense

Transparent Armor Systems
Transparent and opaque glass and glass-ceramics for armor

Protecting military personnel when failure is not an option.

SCHOTT is producing and developing substrate materials for armor systems that promise to offer suitable ballistic performance that protects military personnel even in the most extreme conditions – whether by land, air or sea.

SCHOTT glass is used in opaque and transparent armor systems in the field today, and SCHOTT and its defense industry partners are testing and modifying other commercial glass and glass-ceramic technology for use in future defense armor systems.
Glass Ceramic Technology for Defense
By using current commercial glass-ceramic technologies, these new armor systems will offer the military the potential to provide soldiers with levels of protection similar to today’s opaque and transparent armor systems at significantly lower costs.

SCHOTT is helping meet the military’s demand for armor that weighs and costs less, but still offers the protective qualities needed to make soldiers safe, with:
  • RESISTAN Transparent Armor Window Systems
    This glass ceramic technology offers high ballistic resistance and scalable protection combined with outstanding transparency and visibility. It is highly versatile and resistant to thermal cycling and UV exposure, resulting in longer service life and reducing overall life cycle costs.

  • BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass
    SCHOTT’s borosilicate glass is globally recognized for its high quality and multifunctional capabilities. It offers a lighter and clearer alternative to other kinds of ballistic glass materials where weight limitations play a role. It can also withstand severe thermal and chemical demands and is adaptable to the extreme environments faced by today’s military.

  • SUPREMAX® 33 rolled borosilicate glass
    A rolled borosilicate glass utilizing the unique SCHOTT rolled sheet glass process. This manufacturing technique offers a wide range of glass thicknesses. The glass composition is identical to BOROFLOAT® 33.

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