Welcome to SCHOTT

SCHOTT is a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems for more than 125 years to improve how people live and work.

Getting Greener

With environmentally friendly products and technologies SCHOTT is strengthening it ecological commitment. Eco-glasses are being offered e.g. in the Home Tech and the Optics division, but also in the Electronics & Biotech segment. A lot more green products are under development or in the product pipeline.


Higher efficiency for pharmaceutical companies

adaptiQ™ is the first ready-to-use system for pharmaceutical packaging that allows for pharmaceutical vials to be freeze-dried, weighed or closed inside the nest. SCHOTT developed adaptiQ™ in close cooperation with filling line manufacturers to ensure that pharmaceutical companies can use this system at their current facilities, make more flexible use of production lines and lower their total operating costs.

Technology Magazine

How SCHOTT drives innovations

The “think tank” of the SCHOTT Group, the Otto Schott Research Center, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In the new “solutions” magazine, you’ll read about what material and product highlights had their origins here. Learn how ideas become innovations at SCHOTT and how we shape the future together with our customers. We wish you interesting reading!
Technology Magazine
SCHOTT testing glass square

Testing glass with fire: Watch fire-rated glass stand up to the heat

Introducing part one of our “Tough as Glass” series.  Glass is an incredibly strong material. It can withstand extreme temperature swings and last years without warping. Every sheet of technical glass you encounter must ace a rigorous series of tests to prove it’ll hold up in the real world. And this is especially the case with fire-rated glass-ceramic windows and doors.

How IR cameras can change the way you see the world

Making the invisible visible has long been a specialty of the US military. Infrared systems that display thermal images improve soldiers’ awareness in adverse conditions by showing heat signatures of vehicles and people that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Over the years IR technology has achieved step-change improvements in defense applications. Now IR technology is spreading to a number of new applications.