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SCHOTT is a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems for more than 125 years to improve how people live and work.

Getting Greener

With environmentally friendly products and technologies SCHOTT is strengthening it ecological commitment. Eco-glasses are being offered e.g. in the Home Tech and the Optics division, but also in the Electronics & Biotech segment. A lot more green products are under development or in the product pipeline.


Reduced tendency of delamination

For the first time ever, SCHOTT now offers pharmaceutical vials with a minimized risk of delamination. When delamination occurs, glass particles are released from the inner wall as a result of interaction with the medication. These new vials from SCHOTT reduce this risk because they have a much more homogeneous surface.

Technology Magazine

A variety of SCHOTT innovations

The latest issue of our technology magazine “solutions” discusses innovations our SCHOTT experts are developing, how they provide support for our customers as partners and how they are addressing tomorrow’s challenges today. Our broad range of products and materials opens up a wide variety of different topics ranging from the universe all the way to the nano cosmos.
Technology Magazine
SCHOTT Casting flat glass

Earth Day, sustainability and glass

Earth Day is about action. About measuring and minimizing strain on the environment. About forging more sustainable ways of living and working. And more than a billion people around the world do exactly that every year at the end of April. With Earth Day upon us, it’s time to address the environmental impact of glass. How sustainable is glass as a material? How sustainable are glass manufacturing processes?
SCHOTT Helix cropped square

CONTURAX® oval tubing for algae production

Small but mighty, algae already play a key role in industry, including food, feed, nutraceuticals, personal care, and cosmetics. SCHOTT, with CONTURAX® oval glass tubing, and Heliae, a company that produces novel range of algae-based products, teamed up to partner with Arizona State University to demonstrate the HelixTM series of glass tubular photobioreactors that make controlled production of high-quality algae more efficient.
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