When It Comes to Electronics and Sensor Technology, Optics Play a Key Role in Many Cases.

Whether as a leading global manufacturer of glass- or ceramics-to-metal enclosures used to protect highly sensitive electronic devices, as a turnkey supplier for the lithographic industry, as a partner in the field of sensor technology or as an experienced innovator of new ideas for optical systems - SCHOTT provides total service for each of these areas -- beginning with the development of materials to the final finishing process, all from one source.
Electronic Packaging Electronic Packaging
Hermetic enclosures used to protect highly sensitive components in electronic and optoelectronic devices. More
Advanced Optics Advanced Optics
High-tech materials for optical systems and lithographic applications. More
Glass Wafer & Substrates Glass Wafer & Substrates
Glass wafers with or without structure for electronic and optical applications. More
Sensing Control  Metrology Sensor / Metroloy & Control
High heat- and vibration-resistant: Fiber optics for accurate measurements and product control. More
Thin-Layer Glass & Highly Transparent Flat Glass Thin-Layer Glass & Highly Transparent Flat Glass
For applications in cameras, navigation systems and sensor technology. More
Special Glass Tubing Special Glass Tubing
Optimal physical and geometric properties for a wide range of products. More