By land. By air. By sea. By SCHOTT.

Special glass for special applications: For more than four decades, SCHOTT has been a supplier of high-tech glass products in the defense market – with the focus on fiber optics, optical glass products, glass and glass ceramic for armor and hermetic packages for protecting sensitive electronic components.
SCHOTT fulfills high-tech requirements from anti-reflective glass for airport towers to cockpit displays and laser glass.
Advanced Materials & Components Advanced Optics
Special glasses for special applications, e.g. cockpit instruments, telescopes, navigation systems. More
Electronic Packaging Electronic Packaging
Hermetic packaging for protecting sensitive electronics in extreme environments. More
Fiber Optics Lighting and Imaging
Particularly light and efficient fiber optic products for displays, night vision devices and covert communication systems. More
Protection Protection
Special solutions of robust glass ceramics, borosilicate glasses and armor window systems. More