Solar technology by SCHOTT Solar – clean, inexhaustible, daily

When it comes to energy production and protecting the environment, going down new paths is more critical than ever before. SCHOTT Solar has been active in the field of solar technology for decades. With this experience SCHOTT Solar develops new solutions for sustainable energy supply. Solutions, ensuring a responsible use of the resources of our planet.
Concentraded Solar Power Concentrated Solar Power
The key component in the solar field for Concentrated Solar Power plants that use parabolic trough technology.
Borofloat® Glass BOROFLOAT® Glass
Trend-setting materials for utilizing the power of the sun efficiently. More
Electronic Packaging Electronic Packaging
Large hermetic feedthroughs for LNG ships and terminals. More
Special Glass Tubing Special Glass Tubing
Custom-made special glass tubing for plant construction, solar and environmental technology. More