Integrated Environmental Management System

Environmental Policy
SCHOTT began removing the dust from glass melting tanks in Mainz as early as 1978. Ten years later, the exhaust air from the smokestacks was already more than 99% dust-free.

Environmental Protection Must Be Managed

SCHOTT has been a leader in the international glass industry in the area of environmental and climate protection for many years.
Regardless of the legal requirements

The Integrated Environmental Management System for Safety, Security, Health and Environment (IMSU/EHS 2010) plays an important role for the SCHOTT group and encourages us to become active in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety, health care and emergency management.

Currently, 71 manufacturing units, which represent 56% of all SCHOTT operations, have been IMSU certified. This means they are subject to a uniform group-wide improvement process that is monitored on a frequent basis. These requirements often extend even beyond what the national standards for occupational health and safety management systems call for.

REACH EU Compliance

SCHOTT also assumes responsibility for the environment with REACH EU compliance (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) with chemical substance governance. The EU REACH Regulation went into effect on June 1, 2007. Together with the associations of the European glass industry, SCHOTT points to the fact that glass is generally harmless to both human beings and the environment so that complex registration can be avoided in accordance with the exemption that the EU plans to issue for glass. The goal of REACH is to promote the safe use of chemicals in order to better protect people´s health and the environment. As a company that already makes environmental protection a high priority, SCHOTT ensures that all of the products that the group produces are meet REACH EU compliance, today and in the future.


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