SCHOTT Company Profile

Facts & Figures: SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT Corporation, with its subsidiary SCHOTT North America, Inc., is the North American headquarters and holding company of North American subsidiaries of the SCHOTT Group. With 16 divisions and subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, SCHOTT Corporation employs approximately 2,100 people for the manufacture and distribution of special glass and glass-related systems. SCHOTT employs over 15,400 people worldwide and has sales of approximately US $2.5 billion.

SCHOTT Company Profile:

  • Global sales of approximately US $2.5 billion, 77% generated outside of Germany
  • Production plants and sales offices in 35 countries
  • Approximately 15,400 employees worldwide
schott company profile

SCHOTT’s Businesses:

  • Advanced Optics
  • Architecture + Design
  • Defense
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Flat Glass
  • Home Tech
  • Lighting & Imaging
  • Pharmaceutical Systems
  • Solar
SCHOTT, the headquarters of the SCHOTT Group, is a member of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation - An Unusual Business Organization

The Carl-Zeiss-Foundation is:
  • A foundation (not a non-profit organization)
  • The sole shareholder of SCHOTT AG and CARL ZEISS AG

Its main objectives are:

  • Assurance of the future of the SCHOTT and Zeiss Foundation Companies
  • Management of these companies
  • Industrial concerns with social responsibility
  • No private or public ownership
carl zeiss stiftung