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By reinventing glass for the past 130 years, we enable our customers to create products that challenge existing expectations, change markets or simply improve their businesses. Click here to find out more!
Photobioreactor Content

How to choose the correct tubing material for photobioreactors

A systematic comparison of glass versus polymer tubing
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Magical Moments

Intelligent glass doors in refrigeration units make shopping more enjoyable.

The innovative door system “Smart Access” magically opens cooling display units, providing an impressive presentation of fresh produce while remaining virtually invisible.
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Technology Magazine

Technology Magazine

Let there be light

LEDs are light sources that allow for natural light to be replicated perfectly artificially. With glass as a “partner,” SCHOTT experts succeed in realizing visions: ambient lighting and lighting scenarios in airplanes that provide passengers with the right feel-good atmosphere at any time of day or night. Or comfort lighting inside the car that offers a greater sense of orientation and creates depth. “Lights on” for the exciting stories about specialty glass in the new “solutions” and pleasant reading!
Technology Magazine
Feeling great with light

Why lighting is key for the “Car of the Future”

The shift to automated driving alone will transform the interior of the car into a space catered to work, play, or simply relax. In a series of posts, we’re going to look at various components of the car of the future, a vehicle that may sit in your driveway sooner than you think. Let’s kick it off with interior lighting, an underappreciated component of car design that can upgrade the entire driving experience.
Kitchen Trends From Across the Pond Washing Ashore Now

These CERAN cooktops are inspiring brand new kitchen designs

SCHOTT held the annual CERAN® Design Awards a few weeks ago in Germany, and young, talented designers crafted bold new glass-ceramic cooktops. What emerged from the contest were cooktops in new colors featuring creative designs; overall, these designers created unique cooktops that are making us rethink that plain, classic black and white look.
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