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By reinventing glass for the past 130 years, we enable our customers to create products that challenge existing expectations, change markets or simply improve their businesses. Click here to find out more!
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By producing glass ceramic mirrors with extremely low thermal expansion, we enable astronomers to look more precisely into space than ever before.
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Solidur™ Ring LED

Solidur™ Ring LED

New possibilities for medical and dental devices

The Solidur™ Ring LED is the world’s first ring-shaped and sterilizable LED. It can be integrated directly at the tip of medical devices and enables shadow-free illumination of the area of interest. Owing to its fully vacuum-tight housing based on inorganic, non-aging materials, the autoclavable Ring LED is extremely robust, resistant to chemicals, corrosion and pressure.
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Higher efficiency for pharmaceutical companies

adaptiQ™ is a ready-to-use system for pharmaceutical packaging that allows for pharmaceutical vials to be freeze-dried, weighed or closed inside the nest. SCHOTT developed adaptiQ™ in close cooperation with filling line manufacturers to ensure that pharmaceutical companies can use this system at their current facilities, make more flexible use of production lines and lower their total operating costs.
Technology Magazine

Technology Magazine

Successful as an interdisciplinary team

Many bright minds with different skills agree on a common goal and achieve it by demonstrating strong commitment and passion. This is how successful innovations “made by SCHOTT” are created. Take “green” high-performance glass fibers for use in medical technology applications, for example. Or laser glasses which help us to drive key laser technology forward. These stories and more in the new issue of “solutions”.
Technology Magazine
See the Light: Why Appliance Light is a Key Component in Kitchen Design

See the Light: Why Appliance Light is a Key Component in Kitchen Design

Kitchen appliance designers are integrating unique lighting concepts that help homeowners reimagine their kitchen while improving the functionality of their appliances. We’ve seen this in grills, cooktops, control panels, and even extractor hoods.  While lighting was once an afterthought in certain appliances and surfaces, today designers are embracing light elements to create unique designs. And this push for better lighting has now reached the fridge.
Fireplace, Woodstove and Barbeque Designs

Fireplace, Woodstove and Barbeque Designs Heating up HPB Expo 2015

The future of fireplaces, grills, and woodstoves has arrived. These household must-haves are crafted to appeal to modern design tastes, engineered to be more efficient, and powered by the latest technology and materials.  The SCHOTT team attended HBPExpo 2015 in Nashville in March, and at every turn we saw unique products that were designed with beauty and function.  We saw massive grills with wide glass-ceramic lids for easy viewing, fireplaces fronted with radiant, reflection-free glass, and cylindrical woodstoves with curved glass.
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