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By reinventing glass for the past 130 years, we enable our customers to create products that challenge existing expectations, change markets or simply improve their businesses. Click here to find out more!
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Setting the mood

When you think of your “car”, do you think of a “comfortable oasis?” As we spend more and more time on the road, our cars are becoming more than just a means of transportation, it needs to become a comfortable environment where the perfect lighting sets the perfect mood.
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Let's bring light to algae

By developing special glass tubing and couplings, we give algae producers the possibilty to have an ideal technical and economic solution for the construction of photobioreactors for algae cultivation. What`s your milestone?
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Rolling comfort oasis

Setting the Mood at Just the Right Time

Glass optical fiber lighting elements from SCHOTT redefine vehicle interiors by emphasizing contours and enable more subtle lighting. The advantage of glass fiber sidelights is that it emits light homogeneously along the complete length of the fiber. In addition, this solution allows for a flexible installation and with a large bending radius that does not compromise the light quality. SCHOTT® sidelights also add mood lighting resulting more spacious and multifaceted feeling inside of the car.
Kitchen Trends From Across the Pond Washing Ashore Now

Kitchen Trends From Across the Pond Washing Ashore Now

Europe has been the source of countless products and ideas that have become a part of North American pop culture. It's no surprise, then, that these trends have also entered our homes--specifically our kitchens--allowing us to embrace the sleek and stylish forms that have originated in Europe. Read our blog to learn more about these European design trends making their way to your kitchen.
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