Experienced Professionals

SCHOTT allows experienced engineers, scientists and other professionals the freedom and creativity to work in a professional environment and participate in versatile projects that open doors to new innovations.

Jobs that are Multifaceted, International, Innovative and Reliable

SCHOTT is Multifaceted: At SCHOTT we offer more than technical engineering jobs.  As an experienced professional, you can have the opportunity to work in various departments and areas of work.  This provides a broad experience and allows for creative and innovative thinking.  You will discover amazing products and technologies which serve as starting points for new ideas.

SCHOTT is International: Of course we cannot deny our German roots, but our global locations and our international market success have made us a global player.  Our strong international network of experienced professionals has a direct impact on our work and our employees.  Our educational and training opportunities prepare SCHOTT employees on international operations and careers. Working for SCHOTT can add to your development professionally across cultures, borders, and languages.

SCHOTT is Innovative: Our company is full of high technology products and systems that are geared toward the international market. Our enthusiasm for modern materials, manufacturing processes and the challenges in research and development have made us market leaders not just in technical engineering, but in many areas.

SCHOTT is Reliable: For our customers, we serve as a reliable partner who understands and implements their goals and desires. For our employees, we support their professional and personal development. The reliability and quality of our products have been seen and trusted all over the world for over 125 years.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with the right ideas, innovative skills and drive to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Here’s what some of our current employees said when asked what SCHOTT has to offer to its employees:


  • Challenging assignments, a diverse portfolio of products, opportunities to work on global projects, cross-functional assignments, and opportunities for advancement.”
  • “There is corporate support, opportunities to learn about other businesses within the company (e.g. lighting and imaging, pharmaceutical, etc...).”
  • “SCHOTT has a focus on R&D work and new product development.”
  • “SCHOTT has a broad product offering, a high degree of technical expertise, and a focus on interesting areas such as biotechnology (Pharma)."

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