SCHOTT Internship and Co-Op Testimonials

Dan Kheloussi
R&D Intern
Duryea, PA

"My internship with SCHOTT has been the most rewarding professional experience I could have asked for. I felt very welcome and appreciated at SCHOTT from day one. My responsibilities were always clearly conveyed to me so that I knew what I had to contribute, but I was given freedom in choosing how to pursue my goals. It was also very reassuring to know that if I had any difficulties, there were multiple people I could go to who would not only help me, but do so with a smile. I gained valuable skills interacting with employees in different fields, and I was able to participate in company-wide meetings which helped me understand SCHOTT's role in multiple industries. I am confident that the skills I gained with SCHOTT's internship program will help me throughout my career."

Nick Munch
Alfred University
Applications Engineering Intern
SCHOTT HomeTech, Louisville, KY

"I was unsure of what my career goals were, or even if engineering was the right fit for me, before starting my internship with SCHOTT. My internship with SCHOTT was amazing; I always had plenty tasks from different areas to keep me busy. By the end of the internship I can say that I learned how to be an independent engineer and how to prioritize my work and become organized. With the experience gained from my internship, I feel prepared to enter the work force when I graduate. I will definitely be seeking to continue my career with SCHOTT in the future."