International Graduate Program Testimonials

Ashley Hamman
Sales and Marketing/Busines Development
SCHOTT HomeTech, Louisville, KY

"The SCHOTT International Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a professional, but personally as well. As a student of business I learned the fundamentals of how corporations operate. However, as an international graduate, I have gained considerably greater insight in business then one might typically hope to achieve through a formalized MBA program.

Since joining SCHOTT I have had the opportunity to participate in three rotations—taking on new and very different projects at all three HomeTech, North America locations. Each of these rotations has strengthened my knowledge within the business unit and increased my professional skill set through unconventional training methods. Throughout my experience in the program I have been exposed to various aspects of how an enterprise operates and in doing so has built a clearer understanding of my roles and responsibilities as a sales and marketing professional. The diversity of my training experience includes: operations, scheduling, logistics, customer service, and in process and quality with engineering; all of which have involved me working directly on the manufacturing floor. As the final step of my program, I have been rewarded with an international rotation which I will be pursuing in Germany in the fall.

The SCHOTT International graduate program has afforded me a number of career opportunities and has equipped me with a network of friends and colleagues. It has empowered me with the confidence and training to succeed - both at SCHOTT and in the business world."

Anatoly Kishinevski
Manufacturing Engineering
SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging, Southbridge, MA

"I have been involved with the SCHOTT International Graduate Program for about a year and it has been an invaluable experience thus far. SCHOTT is a company that drives creative thinking to its limits and offers its employees tremendous opportunities. Through the International Graduate Program, I have been given the chance to network with many other new Graduates and other employees from other SCHOTT locations. The SCHOTT International Graduate Program is a tremendous start to any great career."