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06-18-2013, SCHOTT North America

Devices for cosmetic consulting drive sales of skin and hair care products

SCHOTT and MORITEX offer a wide range of high-quality, customer-specific devices for use in cosmetic consulting

The wireless Mobile Skin Scope MSS combines the analysis of skin and hair and also includes analysis of wrinkles around the eyes and skin pores in a single device for the first time ever.
SCHOTT and MORITEX have extended their product portfolio to include new and exciting skin and hair analysis devices. These products consist of the MSS (Mobile Smart Scope), MSA Lite (Mobile Skin Analyzer Lite), and the Aquvis® mobile sensing device that can be designed to meet individual customer needs. These easy to use devices are also sleek and modern in design. They will be on exhibit at the HBA Global Expo this week in New York.

The wireless MSS (Mobile Smart Scope) performs a skin and hair analysis using a scope and free mobile app. The analysis includes skin texture, pigmentation, skin brightness, sebum, keratin, and now wrinkles around the eyes, and pores. The MSS app can store customer information and results that can be used for before and after comparison.

The MSA Lite (Mobile Skin Analyzer Lite) is also capable of analyzing the skin and hair. The MSA Lite is a sleek, lightweight solution that measures the same parameters as the MSS, but is a standalone device. Using interchangable lenses, skincare professionals can easily analyze the skin and hair.

The Aquvis® wireless, portable device uses a scope and moisture sensor to perform a skin analysis. The Aquvis® device is completely customizable to meet specific requirements of skincare and aesthetics professionals.

“We are proud to be able to offer our customers in the cosmetics industry systems that are designed especially to meet their needs with the help of our vast know-how and extensive technology portfolio. We are constantly looking for new application possibilities that allow us to develop better services and even more customized solutions together with and for our customers,” notes Ralf Daferner, Division Manager at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging.

“We have continued to expand our portfolio even further in recent months,” Daferner continues, “and included new devices for mobile skin consulting that we will be presenting to the public at this year's HBA Global. Creating a connection between our measurement devices and other display systems like smart phones and tablet PCs is an important topic which we have taken into consideration with our latest developments.”

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