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04-14-2009, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

SCHOTT Unveils Lighter, Tougher Transparent Armor

DiamondView transparent armor system reduces weight without sacrificing performance
April 14, 2009 (at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing Show in Orlando) — SCHOTT DiamondView Armor Products, LLC (SCHOTT DAP) unveiled its transparent armor system at the SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing exhibition today (booth 929). The DiamondView® armor system uses glass-ceramics, which provide multi-hit ballistic protection, and reduces system weight by over 20% from systems currently deployed in the field.

The system’s material properties also allows for the effective use of night-vision equipment, a key feature for soldier safety. Glass-ceramic armor systems produced by SCHOTT DAP exceed all specifications related to the infrared (IR) spectrum. The transparent armor provides more than twice the IR transmission compared to the standards such as ATPD 2352P, which is essential for the effective use of night vision technology.

DiamondView glass ceramic armor successfully passes the U.S. Army’s ATPD 2352P test requirements for solar loading, thermal shock, and thermal cycling. DiamondView transparent armor systems offer greater resistance to delamination, cracking and discoloration over other transparent armor systems. This unique feature extends the window service life and reduces vehicle lifecycle costs.

SCHOTT DAP of Boothwyn, Penn. produces armor systems used in defense applications for protection against blasts and projectiles. SCHOTT, a global leader in glass and glass-ceramic technology, acquired sole ownership of the company in January, 2009.

“By combining DiamondView’s products with SCHOTT’s extensive knowledge in the field of glass-ceramics, the company’s advanced development capabilities will produce armor innovations that make soldiers safer on the ground,” said Scott Custer, President and CEO of SCHOTT DAP.

DiamondView transparent armor was developed by re-engineering SCHOTT’s proprietary glass-ceramic material, which is used in a variety of industries. The company developed a patented process for fabricating transparent armor, which outperforms commonly used materials.

SCHOTT is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The company has been active in the U.S. Defense market for over 40 years.

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