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09-08-2009, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

SCHOTT Unveils Fiber Optic Faceplates that Enable Better Day and Night Viewing

Special Viewing Windows Create Clearer Images, Help Reduce Stray Light and Distracting Reflections
SCHOTT Unveils Fiber Optic Faceplates that Enable Better Day and Night Viewing
September 8, 2009 (at DSEi 2009 in London, England) – SCHOTT today unveiled its new “Controlled Illumination” faceplates at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) 2009 Exhibition. The special viewing windows consist of millions of glass fibers that are aligned parallel to each other and guide light to the eye of the viewer, creating an image that is rich in contrast and free from distracting stray light and reflections. When used as displays in aircraft, vehicles, handheld devices or as specialized sensor windows, these fiber optic faceplates enable better viewing during the day and at night.

On the surface, Controlled Illumination faceplates look like conventional panes of glass. Invisible to the naked eye, however, are millions of thin glass fibers that make up these faceplates. These fibers are aligned parallel to each other and channel disturbance-free light to the viewer. Like tunnels, the fibers help reduce stray light and distracting reflections and provide for enhanced images that are rich in contrast and sharp, even with low light intensity.

SCHOTT’s Controlled Illumination faceplates direct light from the light source through the output of the display. They will be particularly important for tactical nighttime operation because the low numerical aperture fiber optic elements only allow viewing inside a specific angle, which will significantly reduce unnecessary light emission.

“The material used for SCHOTT’s Controlled Illumination faceplates is extremely stable and durable, which is important because rigorous demands will be placed upon the product during its use,” explained Thea Marcoux, a marketing specialist for Lighting and Imaging at SCHOTT North America, Inc. “The faceplates are resistant to UV light and temperature extremes of -40 to +200 degrees Celsius. The displays are also hermetic and stand up to severe weather conditions, vibration and shock.”
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