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09-08-2009, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

SCHOTT Develops Specialized Camera Lenses for Viewing Simultaneous Images from Multiple Perspectives

New “Image Assembler” technology is particularly useful in the defense sector for wide area surveillance applications
SCHOTT Develops Specialized Camera Lenses for Viewing Simultaneous Images from Multiple Perspectives
September 8, 2009 (at DSEi 2009 in London) -- A digital camera can now image multiple fields of view at the same time with the new “Image Assembler” technology that SCHOTT unveiled today at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) 2009 Exhibition.

The fiber optic-based lenses in the Image Assembler are equipped with either rigid or flexible image guides that allow individual images to be compiled together to create a panoramic field of view. This technology is particularly well suited for remote surveillance applications, although SCHOTT offers lenses designed for use in a variety of imaging platforms.

“With the versatile Image Assembler, large areas or specific fields of view can be imaged with just a single camera,” explains Thea Marcoux, a marketing specialist for Lighting and Imaging at SCHOTT North America, Inc. “Multiple cameras or specialized equipment are currently required to achieve this capability, which increases the cost and complexity of an imaging system. This complicated construction is now a thing of the past thanks to SCHOTT’s Image Assembler technology.”

The Image Assembler technology can be coupled directly with a CCD/CMOS sensor or used with relay lenses to facilitate quick disconnection and interchangeability. The field of view that is captured by the sensor depends on the design and orientation of the lenses. SCHOTT selects lenses, housings, and camera units that meet customer specific requirements.

In the defense sector, the Image Assembler is particularly powerful in wide area surveillance applications. The simple design and low power consumption allow this technology to be used in a variety of platforms, such as remote unmanned aerial, underwater and ground vehicles. This technology can also be used in a hemispherical array for capturing muzzle flash and rocket plume light signatures.

SCHOTT’s Image Assembler is available in either a rigid or flexible format and is manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.
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