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01-23-2010, SCHOTT Advanced Optics

SCHOTT Offers New Laser Glass LG-930 for bio-medical applications

A novel laser glass lasing at 1.5µm, now available for bio-medical applications
January 23, 2010 (at SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco) -- Effective immediately, SCHOTT will be offering laser glass for lasing at 1.5 µm. SCHOTT supplies fully finished laser components fabricated to custom specifications (e.g. rods, slabs and discs) with high laser damage threshold dielectric coatings.

Laser light at has been shown to have promising cosmetic applications such as skin rejuvenation and scar removal. Since the LG-930 lases at a wavelength that is less damaging to the eye, SCHOTT’s advancement opens the market to new applications where eye-safety of the end consumer is a significant concern.

The LG-930 is an Erbium – Ytterbium – Chromium doped phosphate based laser glass used primarily in flashlamp pumped solid-state laser systems. Phosphate glasses generally offer higher solubility of rare earth dopants, thus the amount of active ions can be significantly increased.

Custom laser glasses with any rare-earth dopants

Standard SCHOTT laser glasses like the new LG-930 and the existing LG-x and APG-x laser glasses are typically doped with Neodymium (Nd) or Erbium (Er) as active ions. However, SCHOTT has successfully manufactured laser glasses with all rare earth ions and combinations thereof. Dopants are added to the existing base compositions of any standard laser glasses per customer specifications.

Fully finished components

The lasing properties of a rod or slab are very much influenced by the quality of the polish and the coating. SCHOTT believes it is essential to provide customers with a laser component solution that works consistently and reliably. Thus the LG-930 will be provided fully finished and coated to customer specifications. High laser damage thresholds have been achieved to meet the requirements of demanding applications.
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