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02-22-2010, SCHOTT North America

Pore over an array of choices from SCHOTT

SCHOTT Extends NEXTERION® Range of Micro-porous Nitrocellulose Slides
February 22, 2010 (Louisville, KY) - Microarray Solutions, a division of SCHOTT North America, Inc. (SCHOTT) has extended the NEXTERION® range of micro-porous nitrocellulose coated slides. SCHOTT now offers slides with performance characteristics optimized for either “contact” or “non-contact” microarray printers. For use with non-contact printers, SCHOTT recommends NEXTERION Slide NC-N. As an alternative, NEXTERION Slide NC-C is a new nitrocellulose formulation that contains a higher cellulose nitrate content, ideal for use with contact printers.

“Our customers needed a choice of slides that could perform with the two microarray printing methods,” Andrew Hemingway, the Microarray slide sales manager said. “SCHOTT developed a nitrocellulose membrane with a higher density polymer and a smaller pore size in response to that need. This new product line complements the nitrocellulose-coated slides we have offered for over two years.”

NEXTERION nitrocellulose-coated slides from SCHOTT Microarray Solutions are available in either single or multiple pad formats.

Download link to a ZIP file that contains the images in print quality:®-slide-nc

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