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04-06-2010, SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT Debuts Superior Specialty Glass for Defense Land, Air and Sea Applications at DSS

First time these BOROFLOAT 33, SUPREMAX 33 and RESISTAN exhibited for Defense market
SCHOTT SUPREMAX 33 Rolled Borosilicate Glass.
SCHOTT SUPREMAX 33 Rolled Borosilicate Glass.
April 6, 2010 (at the Defense Security and Sensing show in Orlando) – SCHOTT is introducing specialty glass designed for a wide-range of applications at the Defense Security and Sensing tradeshow in Orlando this week. For the first time, SCHOTT will exhibit its BOROFLOAT® 33, SUPREMAX® 33 and RESISTAN® in the defense market.

“SCHOTT is now offering high-quality, specialty glass that can support a variety of defense industry applications, whether by land, air or sea,” said Karen Elder, marketing manager for SCHOTT North America. “Our BOROFLOAT 33, SUPREMAX 33 and RESISTAN products are uniquely designed to meet extreme thermal and chemical demands for applications ranging from laser shields to satellite systems and underwater floodlights.”

BOROFLOAT 33 is SCHOTT’s borosilicate glass, globally recognized for its high-quality and multi-functional capabilities. It is one of the most lightweight, impact strength specialty glasses able to withstand extreme thermal and chemical demands needed for applications like laser shields, satellite systems, and underwater floodlights and cameras. BOROFLOAT 33 is approximately 12 percent lighter than soda-lime float glass, making it ideal for products like armored glass where weight limitations play a role. Unlike standard soda lime glass, BOROFLOAT 33 has a thermal capability of up to 450 degrees Celsius over long periods of time. It can be heat-treated and is adaptable to extreme environments.

SUPREMAX 33 is a rolled borosilicate glass created by SCHOTT’s unique rolled sheet glass process. It has identical properties to the BOROFLOAT 33 and is prime for the same demanding thermal and chemical environments. As a rolled glass, SUPREMAX 33 offers a new level of thickness that extends the BOROFLOAT capabilities for telescope applications.

RESISTAN is a high-performance glass-ceramic for defense needs, such as aircraft lighting systems and armored windows. Highly regarded for its thermal shock resistance, RESISTAN’s near zero thermal expansion is enhanced by its ability to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 950 degrees Celsius. Additionally, RESISTAN meets the highest chemical standards for glass surfaces. Whether subjected to acid, alkali or hydrolytic influences, it remains stable.

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