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05-03-2010, SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT Products in the German EXPO Pavilion

Through its contribution to the German Pavilion, the Mainz-based technology group presents itself as an innovative company that is present in close proximity to its customers in China.
Chinese EXPO visitors enter the German Pavilion through the Tunnel, which is constructed out of the color effect glass “Narima” and 9,000 LightPoints by SCHOTT.
Chinese EXPO visitors enter the German Pavilion through the Tunnel, which is constructed out of the color effect glass “Narima” and 9,000 LightPoints by SCHOTT.
Mainz, Germany May 3, 2010 – The largest world exhibition of all times officially opened two days ago in Shanghai under the motto “Better City, Better Life”. Germany is putting the motto of the EXPO into practice through the German Pavilion by adopting the theme “balancity”, a term created from the two words “balance” and “city” that stands for a city in balance between renewal and preservation, innovation and tradition, urbanity and nature, community and individual development and work and leisure. The SCHOTT technology group from Mainz, Germany, has contributed towards the pavilion with its special-purpose glass products and lighting technology.

Professor Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT AG, met with Chinese and German journalists at the EXPO on the third day of the event to present the SCHOTT products that are being used in the German Pavilion: more than 1,000 square meters of architectural glasses, several hundred lighting elements, 9,000 LEDs that float inside special glasses, a 383-square meter building-integrated solar façade made of “Asi Thru” modules from SCHOTT Solar, exhibits devoted to the glass-ceramics “Ceran” and “Zerodur” and exhibition partnerships in the area of Concentrated Solar Power and photovoltaics.

“The EXPO 2010 is truly fascinating and I am very impressed with the German Pavilion and how our products are being put to use here. The architects and exhibition partners have succeeded in creating a masterpiece and we are very proud of the contribution that SCHOTT has made towards it. Our products and exhibits are generating a lot of interest among visitors and the media,” Professor Ungeheuer said.

A trip through the exhibit inside the German Pavilion leads through various urban spaces that include a tunnel, a harbour, a garden, a depot and a factory. Glasses from SCHOTT have been put to use together with lighting solutions in many of these urban spaces. This can be seen already in the entrance area. For instance, visitors to “balancity” walk through a 50-meter tunnel, whose right wall consists of the color effect glass “Narima” and 9,000 LEDs from SCHOTT. These look as if they are floating freely inside glass without any visible power supply and then form the Chinese characters for the word “balancity” on the wall.

SCHOTT views its participation in the German Pavilion as a unique opportunity to present the company as a German company that is active internationally to the people of China in particular, but also to the world public. “The Chinese market is playing an increasingly important role for SCHOTT,” Professor Ungeheuer explains. SCHOTT has been running its own production facility for “Ceran” glass-ceramic and flat glasses that are used in the household appliance industry since 2002. Production lines for pharmaceutical packaging in the form of high-quality vials and ampoules for medications were added at the site in Suzhou in 2008. “Staying close to our customers has high priority for us. This is why we place so much emphasis on being able to manufacture high quality products directly on site,” he adds.

More than 240 nations and organizations are taking part in the EXPO. The organizers are expecting around 70 million visitors before it ends on October 31.

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SCHOTT Products in the German EXPO Pavilion
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