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10-28-2010, SCHOTT North America

UL Environment and SCHOTT Tubing Announce First Third-Party Validated Low-VOC Emitting Piping System

UL Environment Tests and Validates Schott’s KIMAX® Glass Piping System
October 28, 2010 – SCHOTT Tubing and UL Environment, Inc. announced today that SCHOTT’s KIMAX® Borosilicate Glass Drain and Vent Systems is the first and only piping system to receive validation for Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Emissions through UL’s Environmental Claims Validation program.

“UL Environment’s validation program brings more than a century of testing expertise and solid science to engineers and building designers who are increasingly looking for environmentally-friendly systems to incorporate into their projects,” said Steve Wenc, President of UL Environment. “We commend SCHOTT’s leading role as the first piping manufacturer to successfully complete this program.”

“The green building movement is continuing to grow and expand its scope and as a result other interior building materials, such as piping, are coming into more focus.” said Patrick Frazier, Product Manager at SCHOTT Tubing. “SCHOTT is very happy to be working with such a respected partner like UL Environment in validating our claims on KIMAX Glass Drainline. This validation shows that SCHOTT is not only a leader in producing more sustainable piping systems but that we are also committed to helping the design and construction industry in creating and promoting green buildings.”

UL Environment’s validation program is designed to provide companies with a new source for independent, third-party environmental claims validation. The claims on the entire KIMAX drain and vent system, including those associated with the rubber liners and couplings, were validated in accordance with the requirements of CDPH Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers Version 1.1, commonly referred to as CA Section 01350. This standard method focuses on health-based VOC Emission levels and, if passed, allows manufacturers to apply the UL Environment claims validation service logo on product packaging and marketing materials. Evidence of low-VOC emissions not only protects installers, occupants, institutions and businesses, it also reinforces the credibility of companies that produce products with substantiated environmental claims. Validation also helps companies differentiate themselves in the increasingly crowded “green” product space.

Along with being the first and only piping system to receive a Low VOC Emissions validation, KIMAX Glass Drainline also offers the highest chemical corrosion resistance and temperature compatibility of any comparable piping material on the market. Also, a KIMAX piping system will not burn or emit toxic fumes or change its physical properties over time as other materials, such as plastics, might.

KIMAX is a registered trademark of Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products, LLC

About UL Environment, Inc.

UL Environment (ULE) is a full-service environmental solutions company. UL Environment is helping support the growth and development of sustainable products, services and companies in the global marketplace through standards development, independent third-party assessment and certification and knowledge services. UL Environment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories, a global leader in conformity assessment that has been testing products and writing standards for more than a century. UL Environment currently offers Environmental Claims Validation (ECV), a service testing and verifying manufacturers’ self-declared environmental claims and Sustainable Products Certification (SPC), a service evaluating and certifying products to accepted industry standards for environmental sustainability and Energy Efficiency Certification (EEC), a service testing and verifying product compliance with mandatory and voluntary energy efficiency regulations and programs. UL Environment is developing additional environmental standards, as well as training and advisory services to support organizations in the sustainable products and services industry. More information is available at
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