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03-03-2011, SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT HomeTech Leads in Hearth Glass-Ceramic Innovations

March 3, 2011 (at the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Expo in Salt Lake City, UT) – SCHOTT HomeTech, a division of SCHOTT North America, Inc., manufacturer of glass-ceramic panels for hearth applications, continues to lead the glass-ceramic industry in innovation. From extremely heat-resistant fireplace glass-ceramic to Vesta Award-winning Cool Door technology that reduces the temperature of fireplace glass’ outward facing surface, SCHOTT is leading the way in high quality, elegant and practical hearth appliances and products.

One of SCHOTT’s collaborative projects, the Monessen Covington unit, is on display at the company’s HPBExpo booth #2633. SCHOTT worked with Kentucky-based hearth manufacturer Monessen to develop a fireplace that would feature a glass-ceramic panel to protect users from sparks, smoke and excessive heat but still allow for a great view of the fire. SCHOTT created a special 38” x 44” piece of anti-reflective coated ROBAX® glass-ceramic for the unit to meet Monessen’s needs. The SCHOTT ROBAX panel used in the Covington unit is extremely heat resistant and can withstand sudden temperature changes, providing a protective barrier between the flames and the user. At the same time, the anti-reflective coating prevents reflections from surrounding areas and gives customers the best possible view of the fire.

“SCHOTT listened to our needs and came back to us with a product that helps us to offer customers a fireplace that is both safe for their families and beautiful in their homes,” said Rob Newcombe, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Monessen. “SCHOTT has been a responsive partner for us and they continue to be an innovative leader in the glass-ceramic industry.”

“SCHOTT has been developing specialty glass solutions for a wide range of industries for over 125 years,” said Karen Elder, SCHOTT HomeTech Marketing Manager. “This long experience in the glass business has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the hearth industry and help our customers, like Monessen, fulfill their visions by providing high quality and innovative glass-ceramic products.”

SCHOTT has also responded to consumer needs through innovation in a non-traditional way by developing a new sponge to make fireplace glass cleaning easier and mess-free. After learning from the August 2010 SCHOTT ROBAX Glass-Ceramic Dealer Survey that shoppers were primarily concerned with the cleanability of fireplace panels, SCHOTT worked with OSCAR WEIL GmbH to create the textured, ergonomically-designed Atmosfire™ Dry Wiper to clean fireplace glass without water or chemical cleaning fluids. The cleaning pad is SCHOTT’s newest hearth product and has been entered into the Vesta Awards at the HPBExpo. It is on display in the HPBExpo New Product Pavilion as well as at SCHOTT HomeTech’s booth.

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