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04-06-2011, SCHOTT North America

“Design and Simplicity” Sets Accents

SCHOTT makes designing high-quality lights a lot quicker and easier
April 6, 2011 (Hamburg, Germany at the Aircraft Interiors 2011 expo, Booth 5G80) – SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has adopted the phrase Design and Simplicity as its motto in meeting the key challenges of the aviation market. The globally active company that is an expert on intelligent interior lighting for aircraft is thus looking to set new accents in various areas, including unmistakable cabin design and long approval processes. The respective solutions will be on exhibit at “Aircraft Interiors” 2011.

Attractive cabin design has developed into an important trump card in competing for passengers. And new approaches to ambient and mood lighting are fueling this trend. When it comes to implementing these ideas, however, coming up with creative solutions that can be made to match an airline’s individual appearance quite easily isn’t the only thing that counts. Considering how heavily regulated the aviation industry is, realizing innovative developments in a swift manner also poses a challenge.

“We offer just the right answers and express our aspiration with the two words Design and Simplicity. This means we want our customers to be able to come up with exciting design solutions in a quick and easy manner. This approach is backed by many years of hard work and experience on the interplay of shapes and engineering,” explains Dr. Armin Plichta, General Manager of Transportation at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging. The jets of well-known airlines, for example, have been equipped with technical lighting solutions from SCHOTT since the 1990s. The company has also been working very closely with design firms since then to be able to come up with creative new ideas within the narrow constraints of the safety-oriented field of aviation technology.

This collaboration has given birth to innovative solutions like SCHOTT Discus™, for instance, the first flat reading light that can be installed in the back side of airplane seats in the economy class. Here, the challenge was to realize a high-quality solution in terms of both its appearance and its feel that is also easy to operate, despite how little space was available. SCHOTT AuraPlane™, an LED surface light only six millimeter thick that emits light homogeneously and can be integrated into wall and ceiling panels, even in bent shapes, represents yet another development designed for installation where only limited space is available.

“We always think in terms of applications with all of the solutions we offer and try to design technology in a way that allows for the design to be achieved more successfully. The result is reliable technology packaged in an attractive design,” Plichta notes. In this case, expertise in the areas of LED technology and fiber optics is combined, an aspect that often leads to easier installation, operation and maintenance, as well as greater safety and a longer service life for the entire system. At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2011, SCHOTT will be showing the sophisticated and flexible product solutions that can be achieved in this manner by presenting exhibits on seat-integrated reading lights, contour lighting that exits on the sides, impressive starry skies and mood lighting systems for sunrise and sunset scenarios, for example.

The new family of modular reading lights in particular demonstrates how customers can come up with personalized high-quality design solutions. They offer many different design options, on the one hand, but are based on a standardized electronic platform that has already been pre-approved by aircraft manufacturers. This significantly shortens the time-consuming and complicated processes involved in making technical adjustments and obtaining approvals. Furthermore, a catchy coding system allows for the designs and features that are included in the reading light family’s set of building blocks to be identified and selected very quickly.

Plichta firmly believes that the industry is open to these types of offerings. As he puts in, “We are perceived to be a solutions provider because we don’t speak only with designers, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. Airlines also invite us to make recommendations on equipping cabins and special lighting effects.”

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First Class Cabin Computer generated image showing design and lighting possibilities in aircraft cabins offered by SCHOTT products such as Opalika Milchüberfangglas, SideLight, imera, Narima, inSeat lighting, Upwashlight, Holopro
First Class Cabin Computer generated image showing design and lighting possibilities in aircraft cabins offered by SCHOTT products such as Opalika Milchüberfangglas, SideLight, imera, Narima, inSeat lighting, Upwashlight, Holopro
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