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10-10-2011, SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT Showcases Manufacturing Expansion to Meet Defense Needs

(Washington, D.C at AUSA, booth 7843) – Today SCHOTT Defense highlighted its investment and growth as a manufacturer of high-quality military technology.

Earlier this year, SCHOTT invested $2 million in its Duryea, Pa., manufacturing site to expand its coating ability for the defense industry in the United States. The new facility spans more than 2,000 square feet and contains coating chambers of varying sizes to meet the demand of customers’ performance, volume and cost requirements. By manufacturing coated components in-house, SCHOTT simplifies and expedites customers’ procurement process. Previously, those customers needed to purchase polished components from SCHOTT, and then ship them to a third party for coating.

In addition to increased production capability, SCHOTT’s world class research and development team advanced its fiber optics technology. Having already produced the highest resolution fiber optic inverter commercially available, SCHOTT found new purposes for this technology. For example, SCHOTT’s new controlled illumination faceplate originated from inverter technology. Now, soldiers have a revolutionary way to check handheld devices without light from their technology giving away their position.

“SCHOTT has devoted considerable financial and technical resources to furthering our presence in the defense community this year,” said Scott Custer, Executive Vice President of SCHOTT Defense. “We expanded our facilities and developed new capabilities for creating and producing the high-quality technology on which our customers and our troops rely.”

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