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10-10-2011, SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT Showcases Modern Military Solutions with a Combat Edge

SCHOTT to Feature High-Performing and Efficient Technology
October 10, 2011 (Washington, D.C. at AUSA, Booth 7843) – Today SCHOTT Defense unveiled its latest display of combat-ready and cost-efficient military technology. Visitors to SCHOTT’s booth (#7843) will see a wide range of components, each robust enough to perform reliably in extreme environments including the mountains of Afghanistan, the depths of the ocean, and even outer space.

Released under the new Resistan™ brand name, AUSA attendees will recognize the bulletproof strength and versatility they can expect from SCHOTT armor. Leading the transparent armor market, it weighs 20 to 40 percent less than other materials in its class while retaining high ballistic quality. Serving as the window material in more than 8,000 M-ATV deployed in Afghanistan, SCHOTT armor has proven to be less prone to discoloration and degradation. That’s why the new Resistan™ brand will be known for durability and decreased lifecycle costs.

SCHOTT is also highlighting its fiber optic developments at AUSA, having increased its manufacturing capacity by nearly 50 percent over three years. Due to the military’s high demand for night vision goggles (NVGs), SCHOTT invested in advancing its inverters, which already have the highest-performing resolution commercially available. SCHOTT’s latest NVG technology is lighter in weight and more reliable than its predecessors, allowing soldiers to “own the night.”

Rounding out SCHOTT’s technology offering in top-level performance is its electronic packaging. Secured by glass-to-metal and glass-to-ceramic seals, SCHOTT reduces replacement costs by protecting expensive and sensitive electronics from harsh environmental conditions. These seals have been proven as part SCHOTT’s Electronic Penetration Assemblies, which have a 60-year life cycle and have been used in more than 100 nuclear power plants around the world without incident.

“AUSA is an opportunity for SCHOTT to show the military community how our technology will enable them to carry out their mission more efficiently and with greater safety for our troops,” said Scott Custer, Executive Vice President of SCHOTT Defense. “Our technical expertise and manufacturing strength continues to enable the Army to use resources more efficiently in a swiftly-changing world.”

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