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New International Graduate Program Video

New International Graduate Program Video

The goal of this video is to present SCHOTT as an attractive employer and encourage university graduates with excellent grades to consider a career with SCHOTT.
The video was filmed and presented from the first-person perspective and in three minutes describes the normal workday of a graduate who works for SCHOTT.
The viewer thus has the opportunity to to learn in a personal manner more about SCHOTT and the advantages that the Graduate Program offers through the eyes of the camera.
This film is quite unique and thrives on many different angles and scenes.
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For additional information on the International Graduate Program, please click here

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Exhibition Monumento, Salzburg, Austria, 01-11 to 01-13-2018
Exhibition 2018 PDA Glass Quality Conference, Washington, DC, USA, 01-23 to 01-24-2018
Exhibition SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, USA, 01-27 to 02-01-2018
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