Housings for Diesel Injection

Product Description

Diesel injection pumps work by injecting fuel, as a fine mist, directly into the cylinders to ensure that the fuel can be used most efficiently.

Our glass-to-metal seal component serves as a cable feedthrough to the diesel injection pump providing reliable power supply and instrument lines.


The materials used in these housing components are resistant to the environmental conditions prevailing in the engine compartment. Thanks to the glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs, aggressive substances such as engine oil, fuel and strong vibrations do not negatively affect the hermeticity of the components in temperature fluctuations of between -5°C to +150 °C.


For use in modern diesel injection systems.

Technical Details


To ensure the reliable hermeticity of these housing components, glass-to-metal sealing technology is used. Please click on this page for more information.

Special corrosion-resistant materials, particularly stainless steel, are used for these feedthroughs manufactured in pressure glazing technology.

Features / Specifications

Our products are all custom-made. Please contact your local salesperson for more information.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products can be packaged individually and supplied on trays.


All our Automotive Division production facilities are TS 16949 certified. For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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