Headers for Airbag Inflators and Seatbelt Pretensioners

Airbags and seatbelt pretensioners are the most well-known among safety devices. Both of these types of equipment are based on similar operating principles: in the event of a collision, the crash sensors transmit an electrical signal to the inflator, which then ignites the initiator charge.

In airbags, this initiator charge ensures that the gas generator rapidly delivers large quantities of gas into the airbag; in seatbelt pretensioners, this charge activates the retractor mechanism, which continues tightening the belt until the passenger has settled in a specific seating position and the risk of injury has been minimized.

In both cases, it is extremely important that the initiator charge is protected long-term to ensure that these vital components will continue to be able to function at all times irrespective of the age of the vehicle.

The electrical signal to the dry and safely encapsulated initiator charge is transmitted through a hermetic glass-to-metal sealed feedthrough. It is manufactured in pressure glazing technology whereby the different expansion coefficients of the outer metal, the glass and power pins are used to achieve a robust component during the cooling down phase in the sealing process.
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