SCHOTT Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass 

Bioactive Glass Powder for Cosmetics and Cosmeceutical Products

Chemically, bioactive glass is an amorphous structure (like all glasses) that consists solely of elements found in the body - silicon, calcium, sodium, phosphorous and oxygen. Decades of research and studies have demonstrated that bioactive glasses are highly biocompatible. For cosmetics and cosmeceutical products, the unique biocompatibility of bioactive glasses translates to absolute skin compatibility, as has been demonstrated repeatedly in several long- and short-term human skin patch tests.

When activated with water, bioactive glass releases the ions of its composition as they possess a high bioavailability. These form a mineral matrix on the particle surface equivalent to that of natural hydroxy apatite.

Due to the mineral and inorganic character of SCHOTT Vitryxx® bioactive glass, this class of anti-aging ingredient is insensitive to light and temperature extremes.
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Exhibition OFC 2018, San Diego, CA, USA, 03-13 to 03-15-2018
Exhibition Gastech, Barcelona, Spain, 09-17 to 09-20-2018
Exhibition electronica, Munich, Germany, 11-13 to 11-16-2018
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