Our experienced research and development team works closely with our customers to create innovative solutions for the electronics market. One of our latest achievements is the SCHOTT SEFUSE® D6 type. This is the second protection device in the D6 series for electrical equipment. 


The D6 series (D6T / D6X / D6WX)

The D6 series is a line of dual safety devices which integrate a thermal link and resistor as a heater and use a ceramic material for the device (cap and base). The D6 series is activated when an abnormal temperature increase is caused by the external environment or heat generated by the electrical circuit within the device. This provides a second layer of protection for electrical equipment the D6 series is installed in.


The D6S series

D6SA and D6SC devices are ultra-thin surface mount devices ideal for limited-space Lithium-ion battery applications. The self-heater activates when overcharging occurs, which will activates the fuse and cuts off the circuit.
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