Dental Glasses

Despite improved dental care, the filling of cavities is probably still the most common dental procedure worldwide. In Germany alone, about 85 million teeth a year have to be repaired in this way. After removing caries from the tooth and preparing the cavity with the help of a drill, dentists use different materials to fill the cavity. For health and aesthetic reasons, there is an increasing demand for tooth-colored filling materials to replace the mercury-containing amalgams.

SCHOTT dental glasses are used as inorganic fillers for dental composites, compomeres and glass ionomer cements. Due to their excellent transparency, high purity and extremely small grain size (SCHOTT UF Ultra Fine Technology), they have set standards in the industry.
SCHOTT® DentalGlass - Inert (Materials Data) Datasheet SCHOTT® DentalGlass - Inert (Grain Sizes) Datasheet SCHOTT® DentalGlass Resist Datasheet SCHOTT® DentalGlass - Reactive Ionomer Datasheet SCHOTT® DentalGlass - Highest Radiopacity Datasheet SCHOTT Bioactive Glass for Dental Materials Datasheet