Transponder Glass

SCHOTT transponder glass is used for the hermetic encapsulation of RFID transponder devices. Main application areas include pet and lifestock identification as well as any technical areas, where transponders need to be reliably protected against harsh environments.

SCHOTT transponder glasses are precision cut glass vials in customized dimensions and lengths. The standard outside diameter of such vials ranges from 1 mm to 8 mm. Transponder glasses typically have one sealed and one fire-polished end. As the transponders are often brought into the bodies of animals, biocompatibility is of key importance.

SCHOTT’s patented transponder glass 8625 was specially formulated to ensure excellent biocompatibility for animal identification, as well as optimum processability at the same time. Due to the high iron content of the glass, it can be sealed by various light sources (e.g. Nd-Yag lasers).
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