Terminal Headers for LNG Applications

Natural gas is growing in importance as an energy source around the world. In order to facilitate its transportation and storage, it is pressurized into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or converted into Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). By cooling it to approximately -160°C (-260°F), the volume of natural gas can be reduced to about 1/614th at atmospheric pressure.

Natural gas is transported in specially designed cryogenic vessels and stored in specially designed tanks. The special pumps that charge and discharge carrier vessels with LNG typically feature an integral shaft with the entire motor, bearings and all other components completely submerged and flooded with LNG. These submerged pumps can be safely supplied with electricity by using our power and instrumentation penetrations for LNG vessels.
SCHOTT Eternaloc® Terminal Headers - Made to last

Eternaloc® terminal headers are ATEX-certified and remain maintenance-free over decades. They are based on propriertary glass-to-metal sealing technology, which is deemed to be the safest technology available today.

A single barrier penetration module consists of a stainless steel flange with the conductors sealed in by means of the compression seal technique.

For additional safety, double feedthroughs provide a second pressure barrier. This allows periodic or permanent leakage-monitoring or inertisation of both pressure barriers.

All current-carrying parts including the cable-plug connections are additionally protected by a creepage extension.
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