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SCHOTT Highlights Autoclavable LEDs for Medical, Dental Devices at MD&M West Conference
Solidur® line of LEDs offer customized solutions to lighting needs
Real Dual Seal for Double Safety
Double-sealed SCHOTT Eternaloc® terminal headers offer two truly independent pressure barriers in a compact design.
Superior Salt Spray Resistance for Hermetic Glass-to-Metal Sealed Housings
SCHOTT develops specialized coating that provides improved corrosion protection
New SCHOTT dielectric for use with short pulses and high frequencies in high-voltage applications
POWERAMIC® N150 glass-ceramic for more compact designs and higher capacity at rated voltage
The World’s First Autoclavable Ring-Shaped High Brightness LED from SCHOTT
The new Solidur™ Ring LED for integration into the designs of dental and medical devices
SCHOTT Advances MEMS Technology by Using HermeS® Glass Wafers with Through Glass Vias
The wafers enable reliable and miniaturized packaging of sensitive MEMS devices in industrial, medical, and radio-frequency applications
Tiny & Tough: The New SCHOTT Mini LED for Use in Dental and Medical Technology
The world's smallest hermetic, yet fully autoclavable, high-power LED
The international technology group SCHOTT is launching a new Mini LED for lighting applications in dental and medical technology that outperforms all previous solutions. As the world's smallest hermetic, yet fully autoclavable, high-power or high-brightness (HB) LED currently on the market, it is both tiny & tough. Thanks to its gas-tight housing made of inorganic, non-aging materials, the Mini LED is particularly robust and successfully withstands chemicals, corrosion, and pressure, even with changing temperatures. The Mini LED is thus an extremely reliable light source that efficiently emits high-quality light over a long period of time. SCHOTT will be presenting this new development for the first time ever from November 12 to 15 at COMPAMED in Dusseldorf, Germany (hall 8b, booth H08). More
SCHOTT Defense Showcases Innovation at AUSA with Armor and Glass Technologies
SCHOTT to feature transparent armor windows, multispectral glass, and other glass advances critical to defense applications at the 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition
SCHOTT Defense will exhibit its range of glass technologies and materials at the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C. from Oct. 13 to 15, 2014 at booth #1309. The products on display will include RESISTAN® transparent armor windows, which are currently protecting the Armed Forces using the MRAP all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV) and also support the protection of next-generation tactical vehicles programs such as the Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) and Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). In addition, SCHOTT will feature multispectral glasses that can help Soldiers maintain situational awareness while reducing the size, weight, and cost of imaging systems as well as other components critical to defense applications. More
SCHOTT expands its range of highly resistant sealing glasses for use in fuel cells
The broad range of high-performance sealants now also includes strontium- and barium-free glass solders for low- and medium-temperature SOFCs
The international technology group SCHOTT offers a broad range of sealing glasses for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). These glass solders help to hermetically seal cells and stacks that consist of metallic and ceramic compounds. They are used with nearly all types of fuel cells and provide significant advantages, especially for high-temperature SOFCs, due to their high resistance to heat. Strontium- and barium-free sealing glasses have now been added to the product line. These can be applied to metal alloys that contain a share of chromium and are thus also suited for use in low- and medium-temperature fuel cells. Sealing glass stands up to the harsh environmental conditions and high operating temperatures inside fuel cells and thus contributes to their durability. SCHOTT has been developing glass and glass-ceramic sealing glasses for use in fuel cell technology for 25 years and ranks as a world-leading manufacturer of glass solders. The company will be presenting its materials at the Asian SOFC Symposium in Busan, South Korea, from September 21 to 24, 2014. More
SCHOTT Develops Innovative Porous Glass Manufacturing Capability in Duryea, Pennsylvania
Event will honor State Senator John Blake and State Representative Mike Carroll for their efforts and support of innovation growth in Pennsylvania
SCHOTT North America, Inc. will officially inaugurate its new porous glass manufacturing process in Duryea, Pennsylvania at a ceremony to be held Tuesday, August 26, 2014 starting at 11 a.m. More
SCHOTT POWERAMIC™ Glass-Ceramics: A New Class of Dielectrics for High Voltage Capacitors
Glass-ceramics as dielectrics in capacitors provide high energy storage density for an extended temperature range
The international technology group SCHOTT has developed a new dielectric material. POWERAMIC™ is a family of highly homogenous, pore-free glass-ceramics. Providing very high energy storage density, these materials show excellent dielectric properties even at elevated temperatures. In high voltage applications this allows for smaller, lighter weight passive components such as capacitors to deliver a more powerful performance. SCHOTT will introduce this innovation at IEEEs 2014 International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (IPMHVC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 1 to 4 at Booth 26. More
SCHOTT Defense Showcases Materials for Optics, Laser, Imaging Applications
SCHOTT will highlight advances in laser and multispectral glasses in a paper presentation, workshop, and product demonstration
SCHOTT Defense will exhibit its innovations in military-application glass and optics technologies at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (DSS) 2014 in Baltimore from May 6-8, 2014 at booth 925. In addition, SCHOTT will present technical papers on new laser and infrared materials for defense products. More
Small component – big impact: SCHOTT Eternaloc™ electrical terminal headers securely feed LNG pumps with power
SCHOTT supplied its Eternaloc™ terminal headers to Prelude, the Korean floating LNG facility
The international technology Group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT offers a safety-critical component for supplying LNG pumps with power: SCHOTT Eternaloc™ terminal headers. They serve as the hermetic feedthroughs for the three-phase electrical power and for the control and instrumentation measurement signals needed to safely and steadily operate LNG pumps and turbine expanders. They must also be durable and robust in order to reliably maintain the pressure integrity of the LNG containment vessel, even in the event of an accident. Based on high-tech glass-to-metal sealing technology, SCHOTT Eternaloc™ feedthroughs are used in more than 6,000 LNG applications worldwide, including the Prelude FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading unit) currently under construction in Korea. More
SCHOTT’s High-Tech Electronic Packages Enable Maximum Speed Data Transfer in High-Frequency Applications
Detailed measurement data on HTCC feedthroughs for 100 Gbit/s QSFP transceivers and TO PLUS® 28 Gbit/s packages available
The international technology Group SCHOTT enables the development of very fast, next-generation Ethernet transceivers by offering hermetic packages with miniaturized high-temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC) feedthroughs for 100 Gbit/s Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) transceivers, one of the fastest data communication transceivers on the market. The company also developed design varieties of its high-performance 28 Gbit/s TO PLUS® packages to suit a larger variety of differential and single-ended high-frequency applications. SCHOTT is showcasing its HTCC feedthroughs and its TO PLUS® packages at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) on March 11 to 13, 2014 in San Francisco (booth #2021). More
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