Inner and middle range doors

Glass panels for inner and middle range doors
Keep cool - Cool range doors contribute to energy saving and prevent accidents.

Optimizing the performance of range doors is based on high performance glass: Low emissivity glass which reflects the heat back into the range cavity. Individual solutions can be realized through a multitude of combinations, decoration and processing steps.
heat reflecting door
The heat reflection rate of SCHOTT® Energy Plus glass shows the leading performance in the European market.
For inner and middle range door panels the following glasses are used:

Clear Float
SCHOTT® Energy: Standard low-e
SCHOTT® Energy Plus
BOROFLOAT® for pyrolytic ovens
We actively participate in the development of full glass inner range doors by offering:

A variety of shapes
Printing quality up to the edge
High toughening standards
SCHOTT® CleanPlus: Easy-to-clean coating for smooth cleaning