Welcome to SCHOTT® Home Appliance

Flat glass is a high-end material and upgrades the look of home appliances and many other applications.

SCHOTT Home Appliance meets the high requirements in creating aesthetic and individual flat glass solutions for household appliances, kitchen and living. Leading design and color expertise helps to enhance the high-end appearance of household appliances.

Cross linked production sites all over the world enable us to be a flexible and secure partner offering products complying with international standards. With decades of know-how in flat glass processing and customized solutions, SCHOTT Home Appliance is the preferred partner in the household appliance industry.

SCHOTT® Flat Glass products can be integrated into countless home appliances and used in various other applications in the kitchen as well as in the living area. Our  products range from standard panels to customized glass components for ovens, refrigerators, dish washers or laundry. In addition we equip heaters, boilers and coffeemachines with design glass fronts or upgrade sanitary accessories with stylish glass features.

Our passion for flat glass:

We process a wide range of float glass types to thermally toughened glass panels . These include in particular clear float, extra white, heat reflective, tinted, Stopsol® flat glass and Borofloat. Typically they have a thickness from 3 - 8 mm  and a size as small as an envelope or as large as a front door for a fridge.

All mechanical and thermal properties are carefully adapted to the needs of:
  • Household appliances
  • Professional appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Applications at home
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