Encapsulated Glass

A Perfect Frame

If you need a bonded profile for a glass panel encapsulation is the perfect solution: glass parts framed by plastic profiles that are injection molded to the glass. That way, the frame is firmly fixed around the glass. SCHOTT had been the first to use this injection method for the production of refrigerator glass shelves.  From middle of the nineties, this process is a very common method for fixing frames for refrigerator glass shelves. Many versions and options are available.

  • Time efficient solution for high volume runs
  • Short process times
  • Frame with a perfect spill proof

Typical Applications

The pictures shows the bottom left corners of two Borofloat glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed black frame. The background shows a grey floor. The picture is a visualization of the topic “See more processing possibilities”.

More Product Features

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The picture shows the outline of two speech bubbles centrally placed. The picture’s background is grey andthe outlines are white. This is a visualization of the topic “Do you have a question?”.

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