SCHOTT® Hob Tops for gas cooker applications

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More and more people discover the experience of cooking, especially cooking with gas – fast reaction time and easy to handle.
Cooking becomes more enjoyable when looking at a stylish surface like SCHOTT® Hob Tops, which can be produced in almost unlimited styles: Satin, frosted, unlimited colors or mirror like - one to fit every taste. Different shapes, sizes, edge and corner work and bevelled edges give an individual appearance.
printed Hob Top
Source: Rinnai

For brilliant results we use special glasses:

  • Clear float
  • Tinted glass
  • Coated glass with mirror effect
  • Extra white glasses
special edge and corner work
  • Different shapes
  • Different sizes
  • And special edge and corner work
warming zones


  • Electrical warming zones keep dishes, pots and plates warm.
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