Environment-friendly Products

”Green” environment-friendly products are increasingly requested by consumers and in response to this demand SCHOTT Flat Glass has created a range of environment-friendly components.
low-E glass

SCHOTT® Energy for inner oven door glasses

SCHOTT offers various glasses for middle and inner oven doors with low-emissivity effects which help to save energy and reduce the front temperature of oven doors. These low-emissivity (low-E) glasses reflect the heat back into the oven cavity to save energy and to significantly reduce the front temperature of outer oven doors. At the same time they allow a clear view into the oven.
SCHOTT® CleanPlus

SCHOTT® CleanPlus

To facilitate cleaning inner oven doors, SCHOTT offers SCHOTT® CleanPlus, a special easy-to-clean coated glass that avoids the use of harsh cleaning agents and minimizes cleaning time. The glass is highly temperature resistant and its surface repels spills and baked-on grime. Cleaning is easily accomplished with a damp microfiber cloth and a few dashes of a gentle cleaner.
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