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SCHOTT® Flat Glass is a thermally toughened (tempered) float glass produced from a variety of raw materials. Available types include clear float, extra white, heat reflective, tinted and Stopsol®. It is available in thicknesses from 3- 8 mm (10 mm on special request).
Due to its mechanical and thermal properties, processed toughened float glass or tempered glass is ideally used as a component in home appliances, commercial refrigeration applications and many other industrial areas.

The typical glass processing steps


Quality is very important for us - that is the reason why all our products meet the relevant national and international standards and regulations for tempered flat glass panels.
quality processing
A joint venture with one of the largest flat glass manufacturers worldwide (Asahi Glass Company) ensures access to the widest variety of high-quality raw glass materials. All AGC plants are certified acc. to ISO 14001, for the melting aggregates AGC uses de-NOx devices to reduce NOx emissions. Coating machines are run with "green power".
high quality products
Our process oriented organization means stable processes, continuous improvements and thus, high quality products.

The components manufactured by SCHOTT Gemtron also meet all relevant international standards
including EN 60335 and EN 30 and complies with CPSC 16 CFR 1201/SGCC standard according following

Record of SGCC Compliance Testing

IMSU and ISO 14001 certification per plant:

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