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High-Performance Gaskets That Stick

Small and nondescript as they are, gaskets need to be considered a critical factor in the smooth functioning of appliances and machines. Defective gaskets lead to leaks and malfunctions, eventually resulting in declining customer satisfaction. OEM managers don’t like to spend their time with gasket issues, focusing only on low costs.  There is now an efficient way to address gasket issues within desirable cost parameters. Foam-In-Place Gasketing (Foam-IPG) is the solution.     


Until now, most assemblies carried out by OEMs make use of traditional “peel and stick” gaskets. With the effort of Baron Industries, a subsidiary of Schott HomeTech North America, this new technology is quickly becoming a preferred gasket method in the North American market and a replacement for traditional approaches.  


An obvious beneficial feature of the Foam-IPG technology is the reduced assembly cost made possible as the gasket is dispensed directly onto the part. Compared to most “peel and stick” methods the material costs are also lower. From a quality standpoint, the Foam-IPG creates a seal which is seamless, leak-free, and therefore a superior process. These gaskets have low permanent set, providing for serviceable and removable units. Moreover, it offers the opportunity of dispensing gaskets onto 3D shapes or forms. Foam-IPG bonds to most any surface, such as plastics, metals or glass, and it is highly moisture resistant. A temperature resistance of 200° C for 2000 hours is obtainable.


Foam-IPG technology allows for producing a gasket with customized durometer or softness, and can be used in markets such as consumer products, filtration, automotive, medical equipment and electrical enclosures, to name a few. However, high capital investments and the required know-how needed to establish the Foam-IPG solutions in-house keep this process from being used by most companies. Since most companies need to focus their investments on core competencies, relying on a subcontractor like Baron makes these cost-effective opportunities available. Besides not needing to buy expensive equipment, companies are able to downsize the manual labor previously required to apply or assemble gaskets in-house. Outsourcing also eliminates the costs associated with purchasing and inventorying gasket materials and their mating component parts.    


Foam-IPG is only the latest means Baron employs to achieve its major objectives:  supporting its partners to lower manufacturing costs and concentrating on the technology of its core business. Apart from the new technology, the company has gained unique expertise in adhesive fastening, adhesive coating and formed-in-place gaskets. Increasingly, Baron partners with companies to take on the procurement of many components, the transformation into subassemblies, as well as the inventory management and the just-in-time delivery of these subassemblies.


Baron contributes to low cost and short lead time objectives of their partners, such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Fisher Scientific. The technical expertise and support of Baron’s global parent company SCHOTT, provides innovative glass, glass-ceramic and touch sensor control solutions. Baron is ISO 9002 certified.


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